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  • 20th June
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Wedding Wednesday # 19…

37 days until I become “Mrs. Lee”! 

It is funny to read back on a few posts and realize how much is getting done from week to week. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty to be done, but things are really moving along.

This past week has been very productive. My mom and I traveled to Amarillo to pick up my dress last Wednesday and it fit like a glove. Here we are on our way:

We also got a whole bunch of things marked off of our “to-do” list… from making the wedding favors to putting the programs together. 

There’s not much of an update to add this week… other than the fact that we are working hard to get things done. I’m traveling all next week and then it will already be July after that!!! And July is looking like one crazy month! Here’s to a little over a month until the big day!!! :)

  • 13th June
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Wedding Wednesday # 17 & 18…

**I missed blogging last week due to being out of town and also will be going out of town today as well, but I wanted to get a quick update in before I get to far behind on blogging.  

Today it is 44 days until the wedding! I am shocked how fast the time has gone by. I’ve enjoyed the process completely and I am really glad I have been blogging about it.

Okay, let’s catch up from the last time: 

We now have all of our wonderful engagement pictures posted, here are a few of my absolute favorites (that I did not post before):

© Steve and Dana Martin Photography 

© Steve and Dana Martin Photography 

© Steve and Dana Martin Photography 

© Steve and Dana Martin Photography 

© Steve and Dana Martin Photography 

I love all of our pictures! I know they are something we will treasure forever!
This past week my family and my soon to be -in laws had a pom pom making party for the wedding. I’d share a picture, but I really want to save what they look like for the wedding day… I want everyone to be surprised. But I am thankful for all the helping hands who made around 120 or so… we are going to have one awesome looking reception! :)
I also was blessed with an amazing bridal shower this past Saturday! I had a total of 21 hostesses and amazing people who came to the shower and showered me with gifts! Gant and I are blessed beyond belief and so lucky to have such sweet friends and family. Here are a few pictures from that:
Then, on Sunday and Monday my mom and I made an updated ‘To Do List’ and ‘shopping list’… 
Today my mom and I are leaving for Amarillo to go to my final dress fitting and to pick it up. We have lots to shop for there and to cross off on our list… 
I’m so thankful for my family, soon to be -in laws, and friends and their willingness to help me have the wedding of my dreams! It is so going to pay off and be the best night of my life! :) 
  • 30th May
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Wedding Wednesday #16…

Official Wedding Countdown: 58 days!

58 days sounds like no time at all at this point. I thought I had wedding on the brain before, but seriously my mind has not stopped thinking about wedding stuff.. I am now even DREAMING about wedding stuff. 

Since last week, we have made some major progress. After going to such a beautiful outdoor wedding of a friend of mine, my mom and I were extremely motivated to get the ball rolling. We have so far finished table runners, centerpieces, and have a plan for all the table decor. We also have discussed the plan for the layout of the food area and figured out what we need to do in that area. A MAJOR accomplishment was the invitations. We addressed them, checked them, stuffed them, and stamped them, so when the time comes, they will be ready to send out. 

I even took a picture when I finished all of them because I was so happy to be finished with that process:

(The picture is deceiving because they are stuffed so tightly in the box, it was a perfect fit for the right amount of invites!)

Today my mom and I received an invitation to my bridal shower that is coming up! It was absolutely adorable and I was so excited to get it in the mail! :)

The other thing that I worked on this week was picking out engagement photos. Hopefully I will have the rest to share soon! 

I am just thrilled with the way things are going. I still feel a little strange that it is actually my wedding that I am doing all this work for. I’m so thankful for everyone’s help though… it is a lot of work, but on July 28th, I know it will be worth every second of it. :)

  • 25th May
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Wedding Wednesday # 15… (continued)

This week I have been out of town so I am a little late getting to my weekly wedding update, but boy, do I have a good one!!! 

With less than 65 days to go we are in full swing of putting things together and making sure details have been addressed. We are stuffing invitations and double checking addresses, it is crazy!!! 

I was so lucky this week that my soon to be Mother-in-law took me on a quick trip to meet with Mayra, of My Fabulous Faces!!!!  Mayra is the sweetest and I learned so much! I am hoping to pull off doing my own make up for the wedding and I know feel so much more confident about it! Here’s some pictures from our visit:

I just fell in love with Mayra! I’m sure everyone does! :)

We also went and checked out the “Dry Bar”… where they wash your hair and then blow dry it and style it for you! It was so much fun and more information was definitely learned there. Here we are after we got our hair done:

It was such a fun, quick trip and now it is back to full on wedding mode! With 2 months to go, we’re going about 100 MPH. Let the fun begin!!! :)

  • 23rd May
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Wedding Wednesday # 15- 65 days until wedding day!  This week’s wedding Wednesday is about my lesson in bridal make up! I had such a wonderful day! More to come on Friday… Stay tuned for the whole story. :-)

Wedding Wednesday # 15- 65 days until wedding day! This week’s wedding Wednesday is about my lesson in bridal make up! I had such a wonderful day! More to come on Friday… Stay tuned for the whole story. :-)

  • 16th May
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Wedding Wednesday # 14…

72 days until I become “Mrs. Lee”!

This week was the first time I have felt and thought, “wow… there is so much to be done”… We can only do so much in advance and the To Do list seems to be expanding each day. But, that’s part of the whole process-

This week I started what you could call a wedding inventory list:

We have collected  large amount of things for the reception and ceremony, but need to have exact numbers written down so we can plan everything out accordingly to make sure it will be a simple set up the day of the wedding.

I’ve also had the job of cleaning up some lanterns we bought… don’t you just hate it when price tags or stickers don’t come off clean?! Thank goodness for GOO GONE. 

The invitations have been printed and we are beginning to get the envelops addressed and ready to send. We have a temporary program in place that needs to be approved and then those will be printed. Flowers are being formed into beautiful bouquets… Really, this wedding is never not on my brain (but I am not complaining, I’m enjoying and soaking up every bit of it)! 

Really with each day, there is more and more to do and to look forward to! :)